Hey you! Yes. You. This is the only time you will be mentioned. Hehe.

That’s right, I’m talking all about me here. So just a little background information, I have zero knowledge in makeup because:

1) I am Asian, so I have REALLY hooded eyes. The only time you can see my “double” eyelids are when I turn my nose up at you really high. That’s why normal American makeup tutorials does not work on me. I just look KRAZY. Yes. With a K. So I don’t follow along to them.

2) I just started getting interested. (Yes, I am a girl).

You know what I found out? Not all colors work on me. The only colors that works are neutrals, and I mean REALLY neutral, like if I put it on, you can’t see it. That’s the kind of makeup that I’m talking about. I do look okay with pinks though. Yay me!

Adding to that, some of you might be wondering, “If you have almost nonexistent eyelids, how do you do your eyeliner?”

Ah. That, my friends, is a really good question. So the only thing I have in lots of abundance is eyeliner. I have all different brands, from cheap cheap types to expensive types. Mostly liquid though, because they are easier to work with, and if you read the label, unlike me, you would find one that is waterproof and smudge-proof. I just assumed all liquid eyeliners are waterproof and smudge-proof. WRONG.

So back to how I do my eyeliner. I just look up until my…hehe…”eyelids” appear and just fill them in really thick. When I look straight, it disappeared! So the only thing you can see is my wing. Yep. I mostly do winged-eye looks. With tape.

Did I tell you that I’m a novice?

Well then.

Oh yeah. When you think of Asians, I’m NOT the type that you think of. I have oily and sensitive skin, not a good combo. I am TAN with yellow/sometimes neutral undertone. Just to give you an idea, I have the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, am I have Y415-Almond. Yes. I am dark for an Asian.

Fun Fact 1: I don’t wear makeup everyday. I usually do a “full” face makeup on the weekends. That consists of covering up my dark circles and very neutral eye and of course. Eyeliner.


So yeah. That’s about it for me. I’ll add more when I feel like. Comment, Share, Like, and Subscribe!