Okay. Here’s another link that I got for Julep. I have gotten 2 subscription boxes from them already. It will arrive this month. I also received a free nail polish set with a monthly subscription (FIRST TIME ONLY) ($24.99/month) using THIS LINK:


Use code GIFTCOVET at checkout for this $84 value!

Coveted 12-Piece Mini Nail Gift

I will swatch the whole collection for you guys later when I get a nail plate. (Anytime soon)

Also, I did another quiz for the monthly box and received another full nail polish collection using THIS LINK:


Use code FREEFALL at checkout for this $168 value!

I will also swatch these. Honestly, these polishes are AMAZING!

And lastly, they have skincare too. So here is a link for a FREE Korean beauty 5-piece gift set. I LOVE Kpop (BTS ARMY? ANYONE?) so of course. I had to share this with you guys.


You just take a quiz and get a monthly subscription box (cancel or skip a month anytime) and this AMAZING GIFT!


As always. You don’t have to use these links, but it would be greatly appreciated if you do! I’m just here to share with you guys some nice gifts that are high quality without it being TOO expensive! I hope you guys have a GREAT DAY!

Also, when I get my boxes this week, I will do a review on the products I picked out because I have NEVER tried any Julep makeup or nail polish, and I just picked out makeup. And of course the nail polish will come when the nail plates arrive. Oh yeah. I paid the boxes with my own money. Just saying. They don’t sponsor me. I just give links out and information out. Thank you! and See you NEXT TIME! (Probably review Julep Makeup)


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