Tonymoly Lip Tone Get It Tint Review: Pink Ming (I’m Back)

Hey guys! I haven’t been on here posting for a LONG time, and I am very sorry for that. There was a lot going on at home, so I didn’t have the feeling to post anything. Luckily, I’m back! Yay! For the giveaway, I have sent the brush set to the winner, so congrats to her.

Now, I will have a giveaway later, but not now. I have no idea what to give away now. Okay, so after a lot of experimenting with different styles of makeup, I have finally come to a conclusion. As you guys know, and if you didn’t know, I am Chinese, so Asian beauty and makeup is what I look the best in. So, for Christmas, I bought A LOT of lip tints to try out. I will review them too.

So, this first one is the TONYMOLY Tone Get it Tint. This is a gel tint that dries down a little slower than the water tints. The design is very pretty, it has a cap and then opens. The actual applicator is another cap. It kind of looks like the Sephora Formula X nail polishes.

The packaging has a guarantee of 12 months time that will be good, which is great!

Price: $8.00 (Amazon)



If you guys, didn’t know, the date on there is the production date, not expiration date. In many Asian products, they post the date that they produced it, and there is no expiration date.


Smells amazing! It’s like a fruity/floral scent that is just amazing! It has a very light floral smell. I normally don’t like floral scents, but this is great. Not too overpowering at all, it is a faint scent. The applicator is nice, though it is a stiff kind. Not bendable. That’s okay.


When it is wet. It is a gel texture. Not sticky. Color is okay. I had to go and get some more color 2 times for this. The color is very light if you only put on one coat. That’s actually what I do, because I like a natural tint, and this is really pretty. img_1307

Here’s when it’s dried. See. Very pretty pink, almost a Barbie pink that is a little muted. Takes a little while to dry. I was patting it down and it dried down faster.

It doesn’t transfer or smear! Wooooo! Yeah, it’s because it’s a stain. But anyways, I rubbed it a lot, and the color does not really disappear. It fades a little lighter, but that’s it. I ran it under water, and no color trickled down with the water. Good!

I would say this is pretty non smear-able.


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