It’s Skin: Cookies and Body Ice Cream

Hello again everyone! So this week has been a little hectic. Did you guys know that Yogurtland was doing a $5 unlimited yesterday? Well, I did, so I had lots of delicious frozen yogurt. Favorite: Lemonade and Plain Tart. So on to today’s review. We are doing a body lotion that is just SO CUTE! (I use that word a lot). I’m doing good reviews on these because I buy what I like, not what I don’t like.

So this comes in 3 different “flavors” and I got all 3. They come in Mint (smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream), original (smells nice, don’t have description of what it smells like), and strawberry (like artificial strawberries).

They are $10 each and here is the website (got it off of Sephora):

So when it came, the packaging was amazing!

Here is the picture online:








Real life: Original, Strawberry, Mint

Wow. So cute.

Here’s the actual thing:


Original, Strawberry, Mint

The inside:


Original, Strawberry, Mint

Here’s what it looks like on the website:


They only had Original

It looks pretty true to the thing. So time to test it out.

I used this fresh out of the shower after about 10 minutes. I used it on ma legs and arms cause I’m afraid of breaking out if I use it on my face.

The black specks you see there first shocked me because there were black smears all over my body from that, but after you rub it in pretty good, it disappears. The smell was amazing! I used the mint one btw.

When I put it on, it was not sticky. Not oily, kind of hydrating even. Oh and it claims to have solutions for dryness and uneven texture.

So what I did notice is that a little bit does not REALLY go a long way. You have to use more than you imagine to because it is a pretty thick cream.

Another pro is that it absorbs pretty easily. I don’t have dryness anymore, mostly for my hands and I smelled like mint chocolate chip ice cream. So I was happy.

Overall, I would totally recommend this. It’s just $10 guys. Try it out. Totally worth a try.

So see you guys next time and don’t forget to Share, Comment, Like, and Suscribe!


2 thoughts on “It’s Skin: Cookies and Body Ice Cream

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