MiXiu Lip Tints

Hello again everyone! Today we are reviewing the MiXiu Lip Tints. I got this from Aliexpress. I can’t really tell you the website because the store that I bought it from does not exist anymore (seems a little fishy…)

Now, this lip tint looks very similar to the TonyMoly Lip Tints, but much cheaper. I bought these for $0.74 each, and there are 5 colors available. These lip tints give you a subtle tint to your lips so you don’t look too crazy.


Here are the picture:


So it looks nice. Though from the outside, #3 and #5 looks very similar. #2 and #4 looks very similar.

Here is the swatch:


They look very nice, and after I swatched it, it looks to be already drying, the end parts because they have the least liquid on them.

Drying time: For the places with the most liquid, it took more than 10 minutes, but for the other parts, it only took 1 minute. So I would recommend first applying with a light coat and then if you want more color, then add more layers.

Also, when I was applying them on the lips, it was a little bit drying, but that’s nothing that a lip balm couldn’t fix.


So since this is a lip tint, I put it through 3 tests: Smearproof? Waterproof? Smearproof after Water?



It didn’t smear at all! 5/5



So while I was running this through the water, I noticed some of the color came along with the water, so it is not very waterproof.


Um…this one didn’t quite work out so well…


WHERE DID ALL THE COLOR GO?!? All the color’s look like one shade of pink except for the 4th one, and that one is barely there. So definitely not going into the pool with this on.

So it definitely looks better after first applying it.


Seriously good for the price. I don’t know what chemicals are in here, but I don’t really care. As long as it gives a light tint, I’m fine, even if it’s for about an hour. I noticed that after eating and drinking with this on, it comes off. Don’t know where it went because it was definitely not on my food or straw.

This might be for you if you want a light tint, like how the Kpop stars always wear lipstick.

So see you next time and don’t foget to like, follow, and comment! Have a nice day!

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