Pastries and Pizza

Since school started and everyone is busy, I just want to go back to summertime. Does anyone feel the same way? No? Okay…

Well, over the summer, I went to China, and China has some of the most AMAZING pastries for such a cheap price. They wrap it very delicately for you if you want to take it home. I want to share some with you.


In the top right corner, we have a mango bread with cream cheese in the center. It IS SOO DELICIOUS! It was only ¥8.50, which is about $1.28.

In the top left corner, we have a blueberry egg tart. It is not really blueberry, they just added a blueberry to the center of a plain egg tart. For the people that do not know what an egg tart is, it is basically a crusty pastry filled with egg custard that is sweet. It is baked too, so +1 for a little bit of healthiness. Sorry vegans out there… The price is about ¥2.50 for one tart, and that’s about $0.38.

In the bottom left is a sweet mushroom pizza with pinapples. Yay vegetarian pizza! It is not like a typical American pizza where it’s salty, it’s sweet. The mayo sauce drizzled on top adds flavor too. Just plain delicious.

In the bottom right is a sweet, dried, pulled pork bread. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s pork that’s sweet and dried on top of bread. It’s not as bad as you think. Just try it and see. It’s totally worth it. The price for this is also ¥8.50, or $1.28.

For people asking which store I got it from, it is called Wei Duo Mei Bakery located in Beijing. The website I found online is:

There’s also a store located in Shanghai, but I didn’t find one on my trip there. But yeah. If you ever get the chance to go to Beijing, then you have to try their pastries there.


So that was a good memory. I shall see you soon in my next post. Don’t forget to comment, share, and like! Thank you!


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