Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

Good afternoon everyone!

Today I just received the Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I bought this product on Amazon for $10.99, but on the actual website, it only retails for $6.99! There are the colors: black, dark brown, blue, blue hawaii (light blue), violet, olive, and snow white.

The website for this is:

Sigh. Okay. I bought it for a higher price because of the two-day free shipping that Amazon has. Okay then. Just overspent on this but on to the review.


So when I first received it, the packaging is very pretty because it has a silver metallic coating on the pen. Looks nice. 5/5.







I opened the cap and it was actually a calligraphy brush! Here’s a picture of how it looks.



I swatched it and oh my gosh guys, I’m not kidding. It went on so smooth and soft! Here are the lines that I swatched for thin, normal, and thick.


It does not bleed onto my skin at all. Though the thick one isn’t THAT thick, but stil very amazing.

Also, the cap has like a spring in it that really closes it tight, and that was something cool, I guess.


So it claims that it has the ability to create lines as fine as 1mm. I think I created that for the fine line.

Test 1: Smear Test

I smeared this with my fingers and this is what happened:



You can see some of the color came off, but it wasn’t THAT bad. Just became a little blotchy-looking.

Test 2: Waterproof

I ran it under water for about 3 seconds and this is what happened:


It’s starting to bleed a little. No major change though.

Test 3: Waterproof and then Smear?

I smeared it after using water. It didn’t do so well…




I actually really liked it for this price point. It claims that it is waterproof, and it actually is! It does not smear that much at all. Though don’t try to use the waterproof and then smear, unless you want to turn into a panda!

For this price of just $6.99 ($10.99 on Amazon), this is a very affordable and good liquid eyeliner. I would really recommend this product. It’s great for a precise cat-eye.

See you next time and thank you for reading! Also, please like, comment, and share!

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