Giveaway #1 (Closed)

Hey guys! To start off my blog, I am going to do a giveaway of makeup brushes first!

These are the Sephora Collection: Disney Minnie Beauty: Brush up on Glamour-Minnie’s Beauty Tools.

They retail for $58.00 and I’m giving it away. It ends NOVEMBER 30th! Below are the picture of the brushes:




These are just SO CUTE!

So to enter:

  1. Follow this blog
  2. Share

Here is the website to enter:

Thank you very much and don’t forget to find me on Insta: @food0823  Twitter: @penguins0823. I will announce the winner and also send the winner an email a day after the giveaway ends. Stay tuned for who wins!

Good luck to all!



Congratulations to Alice! You won this amazing brush set! See you guys in the next giveaway!

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